Handmade & Eco-friendly explained

My mom (now 96 & still active) always made our clothes; most often from recycled fabrics, notions and all. I learned from her at a very young age to become environmentally responsible, all the way to growing our own food. We were lucky, we lived in the country ! Years on & city dwelling didn’t alter my views on the “right things to do”.

People took great pride in making everything they needed for every day living. Today, handmade apparel, accessories and arts & crafts are often misunderstood as expensive luxuries, though “name tags” are pursued at very high cost.

Custom made/handmade is “being responsible” for our environment and purchase power. No matter what store brands you buy, it’s ALL made in polluting sweatshops with disregard for people, animals & air quality. Artistic work does not compare to factory made; it’s the difference between owning a $store print and a #Monet !

This is not an “activism” blog. I will soon be 62, raised 3 kids & their friends lol so I’ve been a “consumer” lol I’m ashamed to say we have bought “brand” jeans (I won’t name because I want to remain “nice” lol) at over 200$ only to see them fall apart or seams twist & turn after a few careful washes. That’s only one !

Often being “trendy” is blurred by facts; fact that the most expensive handbags are cruelly made from endangered animal species, and we all know about “plastic” ones 😦

The cost of handmade items is “cheap” when compared to how often we have to replace low quality made ones. Handmade lasts forever because it’s made right ! Made one at a time with precision whether it be clothing apparel, accessories or knitwear. The cost of making exclusive items is high, it’s not factory spewed. It’s time consuming all around to achieve perfection using the best products available.

When I use a fabric till there’s nothing left of it, I feel I have done my part for a “greener” space & recycling 🙂




YouTube shows collection in HD

Thought I would share some vivid pictures of our purse/bag collection through #YouTube 🙂 The quality of the pictures is quite amazing !

Each bag is unique, handmade to perfection 🙂 Life is better when we feel like One-of-a-kind 🙂

Always thinking, always creating 🙂 Please enjoy !


Purse/Bag~ The Shining Stars & denim

Gorgeous large tote bag one-of-a-kind design for the Star in you !

Dark blue jeans fabric with extra large pleated front pocket made to stuff all your extras, fastens with brass button. Large shoulder straps detailed with distressed denim belts & real brass buckles. Fully lined with white and navy blue striped cotton.

SO cute, totally Unique, very sturdy and Eco-friendly cotton wash & dry ! Handmade to perfection, always “one & only” design from Classy Custom Chic to ensure you stand out in true High-Fashion style ! Fabulous exclusive fashion shoulder bag ! A work of art 🙂

15″ x 15″ x 2 1/2″ deep with 20″ shoulder straps. It has a nice weight to it 🙂

Travel the galaxy with the stars; secure for knitting & needles or just enjoy every day and feel SPECIAL !IMG_2451 (4)


IMG_2451 (2)

IMG_2472 (2)IMG_2467 (2)IMG_2463 (3)IMG_2459

Picture frame flower garden

I believe in my 3 R’s 🙂 Recycle~Re purpose~Re use !

My love of fabrics keeps my creative juices going & to my children’s despair at times, I see a use for something until there is nothing left of it ! That is my “Green” side 🙂

This gorgeous white denim fabric with pretty pastel flowers started life as a skirt & with extra fabric became a carry-all travel tote bag and now its “end” became a Unique photo frame (insert 5″ x 7″)

My Grand-Pa (born in 1872) used to say “Nothing discarded, nothing needed” 🙂 He wasn’t a hoarder, so I guess he was an original recycling angel ! Thanks to him and his crafting lessons, I can create and follow in his footsteps for One-of-a-kind designs 🙂

IMG_2449 (2)

Bag/Purse~”Garden party” Tulips & Rose~Eco Hippie Chic

This is one cute “Happy Spring” bag ! Pink & white Tulips are showing off in our latest “Garden party” purse 🙂
One-of-a-kind creation, handmade and hand sewn in true High-Fashion !
Spring into green fashion with our trendy bags that are SO cool, fun to wear and totally Unique ! Our soft 100% cotton bags are Eco-friendly inside & out with a touch of fun for a colorful life every day.
14″ x 16″ this bag is cute but tough 🙂 stuff it with all your summer goodies; feel proud to own a custom design to enhance your style ! Pink & white polka dot ribbon along its 15″ strap, handmade pink satin rose with green satin stems on bow, fully lined in white cotton, full bright pink zipper for safe travels !
Exclusive creation from Classy Custom Chic ! Made to perfection one at a time !
 ***Fun Fact: I Love Tulips & I love #Amsterdam in #Ottawa 🙂
Tulips in Ottawa have grown to become a symbol of peace, freedom and international friendship. Each year, the Dutch Royal Family and the Dutch Growers Association each send 10,000 tulip bulbs to Ottawa. The Canadian Tulip Festival is the largest of its kind in the world, attracting some 600,000 visitors annually. The Canadian Tulip Festival is a celebration founded on international friendship with the 1945 presentation of 100,000 tulip bulbs from Princess Juliana of the Netherlands to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, given in appreciation of the safe haven that members of Holland’s exiled royal family received during World War II in Ottawa and in recognition of the role which Canadian troops played in the liberation of the Netherlands.

IMG_2443 (4)IMG_2431 (2)IMG_2440 (2)IMG_2435 (3)IMG_2436 (2)IMG_2443 (3)